Kraft Seeds Vegetable Spinach Seeds for Home Garden (1 Packet, 6gm) Leafy Winter Vegetable Seeds for Home Gardening | Fresh Gardening Vegetable Planting Seeds for Kitchen | Green Palak Leaves Seeds

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Easy to Sow

These are ready to use seeds and accordingly they can be used right after opening the packet. The seeds can be sowed directly into a prepped soil. They are ideal for beginners and gardening enthusiasts.

High Quality Seeds

These spinach seeds are of high-quality. They are known to possess a germination rate of 70 to 80%. They are versatile in both its nutrition and its ability to be eaten raw or cooked.

Ideal Growing Conditions

The plant from these seeds grow slowly. It is high in yielding and slow to bolt. It is also suitable for summer cultivation. Sow directly outdoors from March to September, it can also be overwintered with later sowings under glass.

Quality Assured: The seeds eventually sprout and grow into fresh Spinach plants. Kraft Seeds brings hand-picked, top-quality natural and fresh seeds to your home garden! These seeds have a germination rate above 70%.
How To Germinate: 1) Take Kraft Seeds seed tray and fill it with potting soil mix. 2) Moist the soil using Kraft Seeds water sprayer. 3) Sow the seeds on the tray and place them under the sun, covered with a plastic sheet. 4) Spray the soil daily with water and allow the seeds to germinate in 2 weeks. 5) Transplant the sapling into pots and/or your garden once they sprout. The package includes a basic user manual.
Sowing Season: It is great to sow Spinach seeds in summer. Once the seeds have germinated, they will typically develop their first set of true leaves.
Benefits: Growing fruits and vegetables at home has many advantages, including fresher and tastier produce, higher nutritional value, the ability to try a wider range of varieties, and environmental benefits. Growing your own produce can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, and it allows you to have fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables that are free of chemicals and additives.
One-stop Shop for All Gardening Needs: Kraft Seeds offers 120+ varieties of premium seeds for flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs. The seeds are suitable for both home gardeners and professional growers. Kraft Seeds is committed to harvesting seeds from plants grown using sustainable practices.


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