Radhe Flutes | Right Handed C Natural With Velvet Cover | Tuned With Tanpura A=440Hz | PVC Fiber | Blue & Light Green

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WHY Buy Radhe Flutes PVC Fiber C Natural Bansuri? If you have just began your musical journey then we would recommend you to begin with a C natural Scale Bansuri. Everyone from a professional flute player, a teacher or flute makers would suggest you to start with C Scale. WHY C SCALE?? • A majority of Bollywood and Pop songs are on C Natural scale. If the song is on A minor, it still is C Major. •The Size of C Natural Bansuri fits perfectly in a normal sized hands. Bansuri that are long in length makes them difficult to close the finger holes whereas generating sound in small bansuri tends to be harder than medium or large size. • Many people find easy to sing the notes between C4 to C5 register to be a comfortable register to sing. • All our Indian bansuri are tuned with tanpura. TONE, VOLUME, PITCH. • Every bansuri is tweaked to get the optimum balance in tone, volume and pitch, in both lower and higher octaves. GENERATING SOUND. • Lip-plate installment enhances overall volume and tonal quality while minimizing blowing pressure to generate sound. It really makes a difference. DURABILITY. • No weak material is used hence no precautions or maintenance is required. You can wash the PVC bansuri, keep it under sunlight, accidentally drop it or step on it, remove or change the threads, don’t play it for a year, the material simply doesn’t care. EXTRA MILE. • Every Bansuri goes through Jawari process which enhances the overtones on the flute. PLAY EFFORTLESSLY. • Readjusted finger holes for comfortable fingering without compromising in the tuning. AESTHETICS. • Bamboo wooden colour PVC Fiber Pipe with traditional X nylon threading to maintain the aesthetics of Hindustani Bansuri.
TUNED THE TANPURA at 440Hz for Optimum Accuracy
BEST ALTERNATIVE FOR BAMBOO FLUTE Requires No Maintenance – Washable. NO Cracks. NO effects from direct sunlight. NO split opens even after loose threads or ageing. No damage from a drop of 8 feet height.
20 Tutorial Videos from How to Blow the flute to How to play Tunes and Songs
Velvet Cover with Cardboard Tube that becomes Hard Case for EXTRA PROTECTION (ONLY FOR C NATURAL TRANSVERSE FLUTE)


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