Vesta Homes Teak Wood Serving Tray for Home, Kitchen, Restaurant, Office Organizer, Dining Table | Premium Wooden Trays | 31 x 22 x 4 cm | Handcrafted in India

Price: ₹1,799 - ₹749.00
(as of Dec 26, 2023 05:17:38 UTC – Details)

“A top-of-the-line tray that’s large enough for any task. Made of gorgeous Teak hardwood, this Large Edge Grain Tray is functional and beautiful due to its rich, shimmering colors. Even though the wooden tray is so light in weight, it does not compromise its durability. teak wood is known for its durability, which makes it the perfect wood for your kitchen prep station and serving needs. The natural grain gives uniqueness to each cutting board. Unlike traditionally made trays, edge grain construction is less dulling to cutlery because the wood grain direction accommodates durability. It is used as a beautiful serving piece when entertaining friends and family. It also can be used as an organizer as it is a beautiful-looking wooden tray. Decorative functionality at its finest, it’s what you deserve. This product is made from Teak Wood from India, a non-endangered species that is not harvested from forests. Use & Care After use, wash this product in warm soapy water and wipe excess water off with a dry towel. Never soak or leave water on the wood during drying as it may result in warping over time. Wood products should never be washed in the dishwasher. Rejuvenate and protect your board by rubbing it down with any Natural Oil (Mustard, Coconut, etc) or natural magic wax by Vesta Homes once a week. Regular application of Natural Oil or our wax will prevent cracking and preserve the rich natural colors of the wood. You can use high grit sandpaper to smooth it out and oil it again to bring it back to the new!
Construction : Constructed using non toxic, food grade teak wood. Material: Teak wood, Color: Brown. Dimensions: 31 x 22 x 4 cm.
Environment friendly : Teak is one of the most sustainable trees. This environment safe wooden tray is attractive and is not only ideal for serving beverages and snacks to guests in restaurant, homes or parties but can also be used as an organizer for your dinning, study or office tables.
High performance design – Our teak wooden tray is pre-treated with a blend of natural oils and waxes and includes built-in handles. Teak is harder than most other woods, with superior scratch resistance and is non-slippery. Teak is resistant to liquid absorption. This wooden tray is less prone to cracking or warping than other woods and easy to clean. It will preserve the rich color and last years if properly maintained.
Great for food safety : Tray is made from high quality eco-friendly teak wood which is BPA and Formaldehyde-free, doesn’t contain any toxic elements.

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